Speech Pathology Program a Gift

December 16, 2021

On Wednesday December 1, Bingara Library launched a new Speech Language Pathology Collection of books, thanks to the very generous donation of $3000 from the Bingara Community Op Shop.

Speech Pathologist, Kelly Makepeace, says the project has been revived from an original concept that came from Gail, when she was a librarian at the Moree Library. “I had just graduated as a speech pathologist and was yearning to get my teeth into a project that combined the library resources with my knowledge of speech development,” she said.

Jonathon Stilts, Meagan Pitt, and Shiralee Franks from Central Northern Regional Library, Gail Philpott of Bingara Library and Speech Pathologist, Kelly Makepeace.

The Speech Language Pathology Collection is a resource for both parents and educators in the community to use either at home or in their classroom. It is also for library branch staff to utilise during story time. “We have put together milestone targets for each age, ranging from 0-8 years, that really clearly define the developmental milestones that children need to learn in order to be able to communicate effectively and succeed at school,” said Kelly.

Guest of honour, Alice Trigger, with one of the books from the Collection

Inside each book there is a list of the language and speech targets for each particular book as well as activities that can be done to reinforce the milestones from the book. A QR code can be found inside the cover, which is linked to the Central Northern Regional Library website, where a video of how to get the most out of the system is available.

Gwydir Shire Councillor, Catherine Egan, thanked librarian Gail Philpott for her dedication and commitment to the library and its wide community and went on to praise the project. “It has (the Op Shop) been the most successful community function that has ever taken place. They have been so generous in their donations to so many community groups and in giving back,” she said.

Volunteer, Terri Schoneville, responded, explaining that their donation was to be used for something that supported early language and literacy development. “As an ex early childhood teacher,” she said, “books are the most important thing to me.”

Librarian, Gail Philpott, says she is excited to be able to revive the program and bring the resource to the next generation of children in the Shire. The books are available in the Bingara Library, now, ready for borrowing. A launch of the program for the Warialda branch will be held in February, 2022.