Sport and Recreation grant for Bingara Swimming Club

May 27, 2016

Bingara Swimming Club members are ‘very excited’ to receive a $3,000 NSW Sport and Recreation grant.

Member for Northern Tablelands, Adam Marshall was in Bingara on Monday to give the good news to club officials.

Swimming Club president, Nicole Dixon, Vice President, Bez Dixon and treasurer, Fiona Rattray were able to show Mr. Marshall first-hand the old starting blocks at the Bingara swimming pool, which don’t meet with current standards.

“With the old blocks, we haven’t been able to teach the children to dive properly,” Mrs. Rattray said.

“It has been a goal of the Bingara Swimming Club for some time to replace the blocks which don’t meet the current standards,” Mr. Marshall said.

“They are not the same blocks that children use when they go away to compete at other pools for events, and it is important they have the correct facilities for learning and training.”

Mr. Marshall said the grant would cover the replacement of the starting blocks and the purchase of new training lane ropes for their swimmers.

“Bingara has a very strong Swimming Club, and they now have the services of a coach for the new season who will be here all the time, and this will give the club a much needed boost,” he said.

Club President, Nicole Dixon said the new training blocks will make a big difference to the pool, as the old blocks were dangerous, and new training lane ropes were much needed.

The Club had been saving for those items, and because of the grant, another item on the club’s ‘wish-list’, new uniforms for swimmers, were now affordable.

“A uniform helps to unify the club, and makes swimmers feed proud because the look and feel like they are part of a cohesive team,” Mrs. Rattray said.

Mrs. Dixon agreed. “The kids do notice what other teams are wearing, and often comment,” she said.