Staff delighted with new equipment purchases

August 4, 2008

A proportion of the NSW Government funding for the Bingara Multi Purpose Service (MPS) is allocated to purchasing new equipment. Manual Handling Co-ordinator Tricia Porter has been working extremely hard to ensure that all equipment purchased will ensure safety for both the staff and patients.

• Six floor beds will be delivered during before we move into the new facility. These beds allow the nursing staff to lower the patient to the floor at night to reduce the possibility of a patient fall.

• A further two patient lifters have been purchased to be added to our existing two. The benefits of the new patient lifters is that they have built in scales which will ensure that all patients whether they are able to stand or not can be accurately weighed.

• Trolleys set up with all equipment needed for specialty services – eg medication trolleys, a pathology trolley, a plaster trolley, paediatric emergency trolley and dressing trolleys.

• Other purchases include numerous shower and commode chairs with some suitable for the obese patient, as well as new poles for holding intravenous (IV) fluids, mobile reclining chairs, pressure mattresses, wheelchairs, ECG machine and Cardiac Monitoring Machine.

The nursing staff were not the only staff to benefit.

• Physiotherapist Suzi Bilsborough will be taking delivery of a new electric traction bed, ultrasound and other treatment equipment.

• Irene Edwards, Hotel Services is extremely pleased with the new cleaning and catering equipment that was purchased for her department with the highlights being a new pick up meal trolley and 21 meal delivery trolley. Irene said that the new tall buckets and upright vacuum cleaner will ensure proper manual handling techniques and protect the staff from injury.

• John Gill took delivery of his new mower several months ago. Even though it is yet to come out of the shed, we look forward to seeing it out during summer. John also received a ‘whipper snipper’, blower and other gardening equipment.

• Administration staff have received a new photocopier, and a new compactus purchased for the storage of medical records which will provide them with additional storage capacity.

• Debbie Armstrong purchased new audiometry equipment including a new booth to help with her hearing tests. The staff are extremely pleased to be purchasing new equipment to go with the new facility. Bingara Health Service Manager Sue Mack said "it feels like Christmas."

"The staff have have relied on the generosity of the UHA and other charity groups for the wonderful equipment they have provided," Sue said.

"All equipment purchased through MPS funds will go towards improving services for the community of Bingara whilst ensuring the safety of staff."