State Minister moved by Myall Creek remembrance

June 14, 2008

NSW Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Paul Lynch, found the Myall Creek memorial ceremony "very humbling."  "It is a tragic chapter of Australia’s history," Mr. Lynch said.

"We will never, nor should we ever, forget the horror of this and other tragic events in Australia’s history where innocent lives were taken for no other reason than bigoted intolerance.

"And while today is a day laced with sadness and solemn reflection of past events, it also provides a very special opportunity for all Australians to think about the progress made towards reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.

"The Myall Creek Memorial, built together by the descendants of the families that were murdered here; and the descendents of the families that committed that crime, is a potent example of the strength and power of reconciliation.

"This memorial rightfully acknowledges the past but also serves to remind us today and everyday of the need for ongoing healing and reconciliation; and the need to work together for a positive and peaceful future.

"On this most solemn of days, I give you my commitment to continue to work in partnership with Aboriginal people, and with the broader reconciliation movement, to forge a better future for Aboriginal people in New South Wales – a future that has at its core – hope, education, health, culture and opportunity," Mr. Lynch said.

Gwydir Shire Mayor, Peter Caskey took the opportunity to meet with State Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Minister for Local Government, Paul Lynch.