State Showriding Championships

December 30, 2009

Results for Bingara competitors at the State Showriding Championships held Saturday December 4 and Sunday December 5 were:

15 and Under 17 years Rider Class: 1st Josie Gibson 13 and Under 15 years Handler Class: 3rd Rebecca Hansford Over 15 hands and not exceeding 15.2 hands Show Hunter Class: 2nd Beth Ozols; 5th Stacey Duff.

Over 15.2 hands and not exceeding 16 hands Show Hunter Class: 4th Nicole Coombes Pleasure Hack over 14.2 hands not exceeding 15 hands: 5th Josie Gibson

Educated Hack over 13.2 hands not exceeding 14 hands: 4th Rebecca Hansford 17 years and Under 25 years Rider Class: 5th Megan Simpson 13 years and Under 15 years Bareback Rider: 3rd Rebecca Hansford Team of 4 riders 13 years and Under 17 years: 4th Stacey Duff, 5th Nicole Coombes.

Over 15.2 hands and not exceeding 16 hands Hacks Class: 4th Nicole Coombes Team of 4 Riders 17 tyears and Under 25 years: 2nd Megan Simpson, Beth Ozols.