Status update on the Gwydir News

February 16, 2021

The Gwydir News has gone digital, here’s the latest update posted today on their FACEBOOK PAGE >>.

The Gwydir News would like to thank its readers and advertisers for their ongoing support.

You will be aware that print media, particularly in regional areas, has been experiencing issues as such increasing production costs, competition with electronic platforms and changes to advertising as businesses transition to digital media options. These concerns are not unique to The Gwydir News.

In August 2019, Gwydir Shire Council became the official owner of The Gwydir News after being approached by the previous owner regarding possible interventions following a considerable time that the business was for sale.

Council resolved to take on the ownership of the publication in a caretaker role for a period of twelve (12) months, during which time it was hoped that a suitable buyer would take it over as a private business. Unfortunately, a buyer was not found and subsequent efforts to recruit an editor with suitable skills and experience were also unsuccessful.

As a result, Council has decided to discontinue The Gwydir News in its current weekly form.

It’s not all doom and gloom with Gwydir Shire Council intending to continue its delivery of news to our community.

It is acknowledged that The Gwydir News filled a special role in building community spirit and social cohesion. The local paper has been described as the soul of our Shire, a platform not only to report significant local events and issues or promote local businesses, but also give ordinary people a voice, to acknowledge and recognise those who make substantial contributions to the community or achieve important milestones.

We will be transitioning, over time, to delivery of news to our local community and beyond through digital media channels and a new multimedia news platform. This new concept will utilise existing social media and the online presence that The Gwydir News and Gwydir Shire Council already have, including Facebook and the Council website, to provide timely news and information.

We acknowledge that not all people in our community have access to electronic media will therefore be bringing you a monthly Community Newsletter that is currently in the design stage. This will provide a platform for all that is significant to our community, be informative and packed with important information for our community that will become historical records in the future.

A reporter for The Gwydir News will prepare articles, take video or record audio interviews, sharing them through social media and online channels and no longer be as restricted by a deadline. News will be prepared as it occurs with these options greatly broadening the scope of information and human-interest stories that can be prepared.

For this venture to be successful we need your input. We would like the community to get behind the initiatives and share information to be disseminated through one or both communication channels. Your group – school, community group, sporting group, individual or anyone who has information that our community could benefit from knowing will benefit from being able to spread the word about your events and achievements.

We are proud of the great things that are happening in our community and hope you will take this journey with us.

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