Students celebrate bumper harvest

August 6, 2009

Bingara Central School and pre school students turned out in force to take part in the annual orange picking, and take advantage of the bumper harvest from the trees in Finch Street and at Gwydir Oval.  This year marks the 49th anniversary of the orange picking.

School Captain, Jane O’Brien and deputy, Jade Dixon spoke about the tradition.

"The orange trees lining Finch Street and circling Gwydir Oval are a unique feature of Bingara," Jade said.  "During the year, all Bingara residents leave the orange untouched, even the children, who are taught the significance of the trees," Jane said.

"For me, this is my 15th and my last year. I will remember the great fun I have had with my friends, racing off to get the most oranges, looking for the biggest orange I could find, then coming back to school to eat the yummy oranges, and taking them home for my family and neighbours," Jane said.

During the ceremony, Rick Hutton performed the song "Oranges Everywhere", which he wrote about Bingara’s Orange Picking.

A web gallery will be posted shortly.