Students get a taste of the workforce

December 11, 2012

A fortnight ago marked the second round of work experience for the Year 10 students of Bingara Central School.  Work experience is an opportunity for them to enter the workforce for a week in order to help decide on a future career path.  It can also provide excellent insight into particular job roles they are interested in.

Year 10 of 2012 opted to remain in or close to the Bingara district and entered a variety of different workplaces as follows:

  • Harry Abra, Gabby Rampling, Adrian Welsh and Mathew Williams-Hunt – Gwydir Shire Council (in the sectors of tourism, administration, workshop and parks and gardens, respectively)
  • Matthew O’Connor – Meat on Maitland
  • Andrew Weber – The Regent Cafe
  • Stephanie Rogers – Bingara MPS (Hospital)
  • Lucie Boyle – Emross Hoof Care (in Delungra)
  • Kurtis Brennan – Gwydir Works
  • Kayla Honeysett – The bingara Preschool
  • Katelyn South – Bingara Central School (Infants Department)
  • Rachael Heaton – The Bingara Advocate

All students learned some new work-related skills from their experience and found out what goes on ‘behind-the-scenes’ in their chosen areas of work.

In addition, the students were required to fill out a daily ‘journal’ documenting what they had accomplished each day. Some found their workdays to be ‘less structured’ than school, with a more flexible routine in place.

Overall, the work experience was an enjoyable learning curve for all students. Year 10 would like to express their gratitude to all workplaces involved. Opportunities such as this would not be possible without their willingness to become mentors and assist in training the students.