Super Sunday Bingo – Friendly fun with friends

July 29, 2016

The super Sunday Bingo is well underway at the Bingara RSL Club, catering for players of all ages The time is appreciated by those who work throughout the week and a perfect way to unwind from the weekend activities.

As the prizes include groceries for everyday living and with a few extras to pay for meals at the RSL Club’s Gwydir grill, club cash and the top prize of a $50 Eftpos card, it’s a fun way to win great prizes.

New players to the game are more than happy with two hours of entertainment costing a very affordable $6, cheap enough to bring the whole family, Mum, Dad, aunts and uncles.

The first Super Sunday jackpot card is free, you can play as many as you can handle to be in the running for a $50 Eftpos card.

Bingo is a game where everyone plays together and is friendly fun with friends.

Super Sunday Bingo is held every Sunday, the first session is from 4 to 5pm, and the second session runs from 5.30 to 6.30 pm.