“Support our troops!” ANZAC Centenary concert to re-live the war

April 18, 2015

“Won’t You Come?” was a rallying call seen on posters during the First World War. The call was to the young men of Australia and New Zealand. The ‘cause’ was the war against Germany and its allies. Young men, many from the Bingara District answered the call. They sought adventure, a chance to serve with their mates, and to support the ‘motherland’, Britain.

Back home, concerts and fetes were held to raise funds, maintain morale, and to share news, often about tragic deaths. To sing together, share some jokes and stories and to console those who had lost sons, brothers and husbands, was an important community occasion, maintained through both World Wars.

On Saturday, April 18, the Bingara community will re-live those times with a Concert to be held at the Roxy Theatre. The Bingara Community ANZAC Centenary Concert will offer songs, stories, poems and tunes to recall those dark times and to uplift the voices and the spirits.

A full program, with a delicious supper, has been put together for your enjoyment.

Variety Night


Book online!A fabulous evening’s entertainment is assured. Tickets for the ANZAC CENTENARY CONCERT are available through the Bingara Visitor Information Centre on 6724 0066 or online.

Won’t You Come?