Telling the story of Bingara’s main street

March 19, 2014

Taking a stroll down the main street of Bingara will soon be a way to become better informed. The Bingara and District Historical Society has received a $1500 council grant to erect plaques outlining the historical significance of various buildings in Maitland Street.


Bingara Post Office
Bingara and District Historical Society secretary Kath Bleechmore and volunteer Stella Carnell, investigating where to place signs down Maitland Street.  Pictured outside Bingara historic post office.

The 20 by 25cm signs will consist of a picture and a 200 word story. “We are undertaking research and are in the process of designing the plaques and working with council as to their placement in regard to regulations and protocol,” secretary Kath Bleechmore said.

“There will be some signs for individual buildings and others will be grouped together and also a storyboard of what was once there. We are hoping the plaques will enrich the experience of people visiting the main street and be consistent, so we will be seeking feedback, especially from the building owners.”

Bingara Post Office
An early photograph of the post office.

The plaques tie in with brightening the streetscape while answering calls for further historical details about different buildings. It is anticipated the plaques will be finished by the end of June and unveiled in May to coincide with the National Heritage Week.

“The project will go on to the website so I think it will be a draw card for people interested in that kind of thing and it also helps us meet our requirements with various national bodies,” Mrs Bleechmore said.

“At this stage it is just the main street, but if it is successful perhaps we will look into placing plaques on other interesting buildings elsewhere around town.

“They will be numbered and brochures will be available. We will be able to offer guided walks or people can do them on their own and feel a bit better informed about the town.”