Temporary bypass road at Copeton Dam

March 21, 2012

A temporary bypass road at Copeton Dam has been opened to divert traffic around the construction work for the dam safety upgrade. The bypass will redirect Copeton Dam Road traffic away from construction activity to allow excavation for the new spillway to continue.

State Water site co-ordinator Duncan Wilson said the existing road would be reinstated once excavation was complete.

“Project contractors Macmahon are carrying out extensive excavation work in the Diamond Bay area to make way for the 250-metrewide, fuse-plug spillway being constructed to enable the dam to safely pass extreme floods.”

“The current road area has to be excavated as part of the project so the temporary diversion will ensure traffic flow continues throughout the works,” Mr Wilson said.

More than 700,000 cubic metres of earth and rock has been excavated to date, with a further 400,000 still to be excavated.