Thank you from North West Theatre Company

May 21, 2015

I appreciate this opportunity, on behalf of the North West Theatre Company, to thank theatre-goers in this community, and throughout the region, for their continuing support for our productions – the most recent being the whodunit spoof “Murdered to Death” which closed its season last weekend.

In the 12 years since the company began with “Educating Rita” and “ A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, it has been involved in producing 17 of its own productions and 16 joint productions, concerts and other events. Many budding actors of all ages have had their first experience on the stage with NWTC. Over the past two years, our four productions have involved 24 different actors.  [View past productions…]

Pivotal to this outstanding record for a small community has been our great working relationship with Gwydir Shire Council. They have supported us in so many ways. For our part, we have contributed to this partnership by a commercial arrangement with council that has seen NWTC contribute more than $24,000 by way of annual fees, share of box office receipts and provision of equipment over the years. We are also carrying out an ongoing share of maintenance to the Roxy. We are lifters, not leaners!

All this helps keep the doors of this magnificent arts centre open. Six to seven thousand visitors go through the Roxy each year, and the economic boom to Bingara has been significant. Gwydir Shire Council’s support is just one further reminder of what would become of North West Theatre Company, and many similar organizations, if we were to become amalgamated.

Lest this begin to read like a eulogy, allow me to share with you our exciting plans for the remainder of 2015. Next week, auditions take place for our next production – a comedy called “Lipstick Dreams”, which will be performed at the Roxy during September.

At the same time, we have asked Rick Hutton to devise and design a production featuring young people for performance either late this year or early in 2016. This would be in conjunction with a course in theatre studies. To keep our “bank” of actors involved, Lee Loudon is heading up a series of play readings for anyone who wishes to be involved. They are great fun, and help us to select future projects. The first is on Sunday, 14th June in the upstairs conference room at the Roxy, at 4pm. It is the Neil Simon classic “Broadway Bound”.

So there is plenty happening. But all this is possible only through your support, and the support of neighbouring communities, both for our productions and for our very successful Film Club. Let’s keep the momentum up!

John Wearne AM
President – North West Theatre Company