“That’s One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind!”

June 10, 2009

Do you know these words?

July 21 2009 marks 40 years since Astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped off the lunar lander “Eagle” at Tranquility Base, and took mankind’s first step on another place in space, the Moon, in 1969.

Bingara and District VISION 20/20 invite you to a celebration of that momentous event, at the Roxy Theatre, Bingara, on Saturday night July 18.

The evening will involve a movie, some star gazing, some lunar viewing, some Moon Food, and the chance to remember where you were when the Moon  got trod on, or, if you are too young to have seen it happen, what you have learnt about it, and what it means to you.

The program has been called, “When the MOON got trod on!” It will be a fun night for all the family commencing at 6:00pm – with the showing of the Movie,  “In the Shadow of the Moon”, a recently released documentary style film about the series of Apollo missions to the Moon.

At 7:45pm we will serve  “an out of this world Moon Food Supper “ and then enjoy at 8:30pm a Presentation by the University of New England  Astronomy Group. Finally, from about 9:30pm we will do, (weather permitting)  some Telescopic Star Gazing, with telescopes set up in the Roxy Courtyard and beamed to the BIG screen in the Roxy.

The cost of attending is $50 for a Family (two adults plus their kids); $20 for Adults and $15 Concession for Pensioners and children under 16. All food, drinks, movie and presentations, are included in the entry costs. Tickets are available from the Bingara Tourist Office at The Roxy.

To help set the scene for July 18, V2020 will conduct two competitions for kids. Children in years Kindergarten to Year 4 are invited to draw a picture titled “ME ON THE MOON!” on the entry form, while students in Year’s 5 to 10 are asked to write “MY FIRST WORDS ON THE MOON WOULD BE….” using fifteen words or less. The best entries in each competition will win a Family Ticket to the evening. Entry forms are available at the Bingara Tourist Office – The Roxy Theatre or at participating schools.

So it’s time to plan to go LOONY in July, and organise yourself to be at the Roxy on Saturday July 18, to celebrate When the MOON got trod on!

For more information Contact Paul Moulton – Ph: 0429 015948.