The 2008 Olympic Games come to Bingara Central School

October 10, 2008

A great international sporting event was held at Bingara Central School prior to the school holidays.

Seven countries were represented by Primary classes in various sporting activities when the 2008 ‘Olympic Games’ came to school. The participating athletes marched in their class groups in a parade of countries to the Sports Arena. There was much cheering and chanting as they marched.

Kindergarten: Spain

Year 1: France

Year 2: Italy

Year 3: Japan

Year 4: Australia

Year 5: Germany

Year 6: Scotland

The sporting events all got under way at 11.00am and continued until 3.00pm when the athletes had to catch buses, cars, jump on bikes or use their legs to go home to enjoy their school holidays.

All events were played with lots of enthusiasm and in great sportsmanship.

There was the ‘Agility Course’, which involved hurdling, zig zagging through markers, jumping from hoop to hoop and then balancing on balance beams.

‘The Parachute’ which entailed balls being thrown onto it, athletes trying to keep the balls on while others shake it to dislodge the balls. Another part of the parachute activity was for an athlete to be a ‘shark’ under it and try to ‘bite’ legs as they ran past.

‘Jumping Sacks’ was another activity that kept everyone busy. Keeping upright and going very fast, athletes had to jump around markers (similar to a bending race with horses) and back again to the next person.

The trusty old ‘Egg and Spoon’ race wasn’t forgotten, and to add a twist to it, the athletes could run a zig zag course while racing.

The ‘Bean Bag Throw’ was like basketball played on the ground. Bags were thrown "through" hoops lying flat on the ground. ‘Frisbee’ throwing was another event that tested athletes. Athletes could hit the bin, and then to add another activity, there was "the longest throw" competition.

The final event was ‘Soccer Skills’ where athletes were required to dribble the ball through markers. Another was knocking the ball off the marker in the middle of a circle.

As one could imagine, the athletes had a very full day, so a break to enjoy a sausage sizzle for lunch, supplied, cooked and served for them by Teaching and Ancillary staff of Bingara Central School, was appreciated by all. After lunch had recharged them, the Olympians continued.

At the end of the competition, each and every athlete was presented with a gold medal.

Flying over the jumps!

Students having a refuelling break.

Lining up a shot at goals.

Sack racing proved popular among the students.

Don’t drop it!


The athletes and teachers, although quite exhausted from such an active day, all agreed that the day "The Olympics" came to Bingara will be remembered as a great sporting event, and a wonderful way to end Term 3. I just wish I had a smidge of the energy that was shown throughout the day!

by Kerry Mitchell