The Big Lift Bus Blog

July 12, 2012

A bus load of 27 students and their bus driver spent Monday night at the Bingara Bunkhouse and most of Tuesday working in the Living Classroom.  

The students from the University of Technology in Sydney planted native grasses and trees around the dam banks at the classroom.  Rain this week will give the new plants a head start.

UTS students at Bingara's Living Clasroom
Students enjoying breakfast prepared by the Bingara Lions Club.

Below is a blog entitled The Big Lift Bus and details the students account of their Bingara Experience.

Day 4 – Bingara 10 July 2012

Our rejuvenating night with actual beds and hot showers gave us the energy we needed for the hard tasks ahead. Lucky for us, our trip so far has well-equipped us to conquer yet another five hours of highly intensive and physically laborious gardening. Mulching in particular has become quite The Big Lift speciality.

Those who consider themselves in tune with mother nature, be intimidated. Ultra eager uni students have today united, planting a modest forest in the humble Bingara community.

Drawbacks took the form of a selected few slow-thinking males (five to be exact) who argued over the positioning and depth of one hole. Meanwhile, the girls dug ten and then proceeded on to diffuse the bickering tension that had rapidly escalated.

Nonetheless, Bingara forgave us and were extremely grateful that we played such an important part in laying the flora foundations for The Living Classroom. We enjoyed a mild case of information overload from the expert power point generously created for us the night before and were proud to be part of such an inspiring vision for the future.

Go Bingara!  Many thanks to Emma who hooked us up with such a welcoming and hospitable community.

After a hard day’s work, the Moree artesian waters rewarded The Big Lifters’ newly formed muscles. Showing off bikinis and budgie smugglers, we sizzled in the hot water until our heads were light and our cheeks bright red. We enjoyed a strategical rendezvous with the white bus, excitedly swapping stories detailing near death experiences and emerging musical talent.

Straight on to Goondiwindi, the night’s activities have left us emotionally exhausted but we feel privileged to be a part of such an epic journey with an incredibly inspiring and motivated bunch of people. Tomorrow awaits and you won’t believe this but I think we might be gardening! Yeah buddy!