The family that fishes together …

April 15, 2009

A 1.045 kg Yellowbelly caught at Copeton Dam put young Bingara angler, Nicole Wilson on the list of prize winners at the year’s Easterfish competition.  Because no cod were weighed in, Nicole won the prize, a new fishing rod, on a countback.

Winner of the Junior Girls trophy for biggest cod, Nicole Wilson, with her brother Jamie and mother, Vicki.

Nicole, her parents Lance and Vicki and brothers Clinton and Jamie all camped at Copeton Dam, where the fish were somewhat hungier than they appeared in the river.  Nicole used a Chatter-bait lure to catch her fish.

She said she enjoys fishing, but does not get to go fishing as often as she would like. “There’s motocross, and Austag, and school work,” Vicki said. Nicole’s prize winning catch was on the menu for a family dinner.