The great big book hunt fever

December 5, 2019

The Great Big Gwydir Book Hunt began just a week ago but has taken Bingara by storm. Families have taken to the streets, hunting high, low and in between to find the small packages hidden all over town. Gwydir Librarian, Gail Philpott, has started the Shire’s first Book Hunt in order to create a fun way to engage or re-establish children’s love of reading.

“There are a few book hunting pages out there but this one has been set up for Gwydir Shire residents,” said Gail. “The idea really is as simple as it seems. Join the Great Big Gwydir Book Hunt Facebook group. Then find a book, read it and then hide it for another child to find,” said Gail.

“The response has been overwhelming. It’s just fabulous,” said Gail. “I just did this as a trial, and it’s taken off.” The Hunt is run exclusively through the group’s Private Facebook page.

Books were initially hidden by Miss Gail and when found, rehidden by participating children. New clues are added to the page as books are hidden or re-hidden. Whilst the kids have been getting about in the great outdoors trying to locate some of the twenty or so books, parents have been having almost as much fun coming up with some cryptic clues to keep the hunt going.

Books have appeared in the cemetery (you’ll be dying to read this book), phone boxes (ring, ring, ring, ring), with kangaroos (six white boomers) and Bingara fish hatchery (one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish).

Perhaps a favourite of the clues was discovered on the racetrack (I vow and declare this book has a good start).

Feedback from participants has been fabulous with many commenting on the success of the initiative at giving children and parents something to join in.

Thankyou to Gail Philpott for giving the kids and adults something they can do together,” expressed one parent.

Follwoing round one of the Book Hunt, it was time for the older children to search. The new round was aimed at a slightly older demographic and Gail says the clues were getting harder. Other areas across the shire will not be missing out either. Warialda will kick of their Great Big Gwydir Book Hunt as will Coolatai and Gravesend in the near future.