The Great Big Gwydir Book Hunt

November 6, 2019

The Great Big Gwydir Book Hunt is off and running.  Brilliant initiative which the community will just love.  Participation is easy, just join the The Great Big Gwydir Book Hunt Facebook Group and then go hunting.

Here’s the first post on the page:

‘Welcome everyone! There are a few ‘book hunting’ pages out there but this one has been set up for Gwydir Shire residents.

Find a book, read it & then hide it for another child to find.

Why not donate your pre-loved books to the library to be hidden.  The aim of this page is firstly for fun, but also to ignite excitement and enjoyment back into reading. We also hope to improve and develop reading skills by ensuring all children have access to books. Many children have become disengaged with reading so let’s get them excited to pick up a book again. We hope to mix a love for the outdoors with a passion for reading.

Please invite all of your friends to get involved. Follow the hints given, find a book, read the book and hide it again placing hints onto the page.’

The Great Big Gwydir Book Hunt.