The Gwydir Health Hub to open soon

July 8, 2018

There has been much interest in the building of a new premises in the main street of Bingara over recent months. It will be opening very soon and a whole new range of options for those interested in yoga and wellbeing and keeping their body in the healthiest state possible will be on offer.

Yoga Teacher Karen Bishton plans on running a few new and different yoga classes in August just to test the waters and see what it is that the community would like. Along with her regular classes on Thursdays at 9.30am and 5.30pm, Karen is keen to open up the options for others and will be offering short courses for Mums `n’ Bubs, Sit & Stretch Chair Yoga and a Beginners course for those just keen to see what this yoga thing is all about.

Mums`n’ Bubs is an opportunity for mums to spend some time nurturing themselves with yoga while having their little ones be part of that as well. This is a class where those aching shoulders/backs, recovering bodies from pregnancy and labour, sleepless nights and general exhaustion are accepted as part of the journey of motherhood but in an entirely supportive space.  Proposed time 9.15 Tuesdays.

Sit & Stretch Yoga utilises a chair and is perfect for anyone recovering from injury or illness, or with mobility issues, disabilities, or weight/age-related issues to practice yoga without the need to get down onto the floor. “We use all the same concepts and poses as a regular yoga class and change them to make them more accessible to everyone regardless of age and ability,” Karen said. These classes will assist in increasing flexibility, range of movement, strength and balance as well as offering breathing and relaxation to reduce stress and tension and encourage improved sleep.  Proposed time 11am Tuesdays.

This Beginners Course is for anyone who might be interested in what yoga is all about. Karen will gently introduce you to all the benefits that yoga can bring into your life, the physical stretching and strengthening, along with learning some relaxation techniques to assist you throughout your every day existence. Proposed time 5.30pm Tuesdays.

If you think you or someone you know may be interested in any of these classes, please contact Karen on 0429 647 928 or via