The Living Classroom comes alive!

March 30, 2014

Just look what a few millimetres of rain and thirty willing hands can do.

This week a group of year three Landscape Architect students from QUT Brisbane came to Bingara to advance their studies by engaging in some field work and design using The Living Classroom. John Mongard, the consultant landscape architect employed by GSC to create the overall TLC plan, supervised their work.

The Living Classroom, Bingara
Gwydir Shire Council gardener Robert Small planting the bank around a pond with QUT students

After spending Monday morning inspecting the site, the students returned to the Classroom for a presentation on Permaculture and Landscape Design from local teacher Rick Hutton and an explanation of fresh water fish breeding and rearing by Bingara Hatchery member Steve Apthorpe.

On Tuesday morning the students engaged in the planting of nearly 500 shrubs and trees. The GSC garden team led by Robert Small assisted TLC staff members Aaron Brookes and Will Johnston to lay out the plants along the stream lines and swales and around the banks and ponds.

An important zone planted was the wetland area that will stabilise the septic water outflow and create a living habitat for frogs and other small creatures and plants to clean and control the wastes.

It has been wonderful to have so many enthusiastic young people working in our community on such a worthwhile project. The students are based in Brisbane but have come from all over the world. El Salvador, USA, Turkey, Holland, New Zealand, China, Wales and Zimbabwe were some of the countries represented.

The students provided reports on their work on Wednesday morning before heading back to Brisbane that afternoon. John Mongard and the GSC supervisor Glen Pereira are keen to make the visit to TLC a regular part of the QUT Landscape Architecture program.

Submitted by Rick Hutton.