The Roxy Advisory Board explained

September 16, 2011

Last week nominations were called for four directors’ positions on the Roxy Advisory Board. Although there has been interest in the community about the board, there has also been concern about the lack of detail about the role of the board.

In an attempt to clarify some of the issues raised by the public, the Advocate sought further information about the Roxy Advisory Board from General Manager, Max Eastcott.

Mr Eastcott told the Advocate that Albert Stafford, the consultant who has been involved with drawing up the Roxy Business Plan, envisaged that the majority of people on the board would come from Bingara but that it would be entirely appropriate that the board would include people from elsewhere in the shire.

In a list of suggested roles and responsibilities of the Roxy Advisory Board, drawn up by Mr Stafford, setting the overall vision and direction for the Roxy as a three year plan, would be one of its roles. It would be required to report its progress on a six monthly basis to Council and communicate this to the public as well.

Community workshops, to be independently facilitated, would be held to ask community members what they would like to see at the Roxy, with the goal of increasing theatre use.

Feedback from the community would also be welcomed regarding shows and functions that have taken place.

The board would also assist with and monitor the budget. It would be involved in future programming and evaluate the Roxy’s success through Key Performance Indicators.

The board would also be required to provide an Annual Report.

The Roxy Manager will continue to be answerable to Council, however the manager would report to the board on possible programs. The board would make the final decision as to what is staged.

The Roxy Café will not be subject to management by the board or the Roxy Manager.

The café will be expected to open for all events at the Roxy that may require a café however, it will not be given exclusive rights to catering for Roxy functions. If external caterers are engaged, the Trade Training kitchen will be available to them to prepare food.

Mr Stafford recommended that an independent panel be appointed to select the best applicants for the board. Nominations close on Wednesday, September 21.