The Search for Perch

March 25, 2020

While the Bingara Angler’s Club plays caretaker to it’s yellow-belly delivery, the Department of Primary Industries is seeking help searching for Olive Perchlets (Ambassis agassizii).

The Olive Perchlet, also known as Agassiz’s Glassfish, is characterised by an oval shaped body with a moderately large mouth, very large eyes and a forked tail, growing to just 7.6cm in length. Fins are generally clear, although there is often a broad, blackish band along the edges of the pelvic and anal fins.

The distribution of the fish has been in significant decline over recent years, though is still locally abundant in the Border Rivers region. The population in western NSW is now endangered.
The fish are usually found in sheltered areas such as overhanging vegetation, aquatic macrophyte beds, logs, dead branches and boulders during the day. They disperse during the night to feed.

To report a sighting visit or email –

Most importantly if caught please take a close-up picture of the fish on it’s side before releasing it back into the water.