The Sydney Weekender Bingara Show airs January 5, 2013

December 29, 2012

The Sydney Weekender visited Bingara earlier in the year and the show goes to air on Channel 7 on January 5, 2013.

One segment was filmed at Three Creeks Tourist Mine and Joy, mine manager, has requested that her thanks be conveyed to all who attended.

3 Creeks Gold Mine & Mike Whitney

"Three Creeks Gold Mine would like to thank The Sydney Weekender and Mike Whitney for a wonderful day!

"We would also like to thank all the people that attended that day, The Mens Shed, what a wonderful B.B.Q they cooked for all of us, as well as just Being here. To Tracey Carr for her organizational skills for the Big Day. To all the mothers and children who attended, the kids where just so good! Thank you to all the tourists who came and had patience whilst filming was underway.

"The whole day went off without a hitch, we started filming at the Crystal Area where the Children, Mike  and I [Joy] looked for Crystals, then Mike and I went for The Historical walk to view the Mine Tunnels of Old, ending up at The Millers Shaft, where we talked and filmed. Mike was talking to all along the way.  We then moved to the Panning Hole where Paul, Mine Owner, Manager and Production Manager of Three Creeks Gold Mine, taught Mike how To Pan for Gold.

"We had a lovely time at the B.B.Q. area having a cuppa and B.B.Q. Mike was in good form talking to all!  Then a quick Filming of the camp and shop in the shed, then  off to find Gold in the Creek area.  Mike was very interested in Paul’s invention of A Panners Mate that recovers from fine Gold Dust to Nugget Gold, Platinum, Sapphires, Tin as well as Precious and Semi Precious Stones that are for sale.

"We did not want the day to end as it was so good."