Three nurses and a physio

August 25, 2010

Sue Mack, Suzanne Bilsborough, Betty Parsons and Patricia Porter are Shenanigans on Gwydir, all health professionals with over a century of health experience between them have taken over the reins of Boutique Capri from Susanne Hughes.

Nurses - Shenanigans on Gwydir"
Suzanne Bilsborough, Tricia Porter, Sue Mack & Betty Parsons

The girls from Shenanigans have nothing but the highest praise and respect for Susanne and the amazing job she has done in starting a business from nothing into the amazing success it is today, Boutique Capri has a wonderful reputation around the district with many clients travelling specifically to Bingara to visit the Boutique.

It is a business that Bingara could not afford to lose and with Susanne wishing to retire, the girls believed in Bingara enough that they were willing to invest to ensure that a wonderful asset was not lost.

The general concept of the shop will not change, Boutique Capri will continue to cater for Mother of the Bride, Formal, Ladies Fashions but will expand its Plus Size Clothes, the girls are currently considering extending into Menswear, Uniforms, Children’s wear, we ask that the community let us know what they would like.

We have moved into our new premises next to the Imperial Hotel and we are very proud of what we have achieved, we thank Noelene and Erik Ozols for providing us with somewhere to relocate.  It has been long days and long nights for us all, we especially would like to thank Scott Mack, John Layton, Tom Porter, Merv Galvin, Diane Cobcroft, Kylie Bond and Mitchell Porter, without whom it wouldn’t have been possible.

We want to thank the community for their overwhelming support to us all in our new venture; we are truly humbled by the wonderful well wishes and the gifts that we have received from other businesses and the Bingara community in general.

So what makes Four Health Professionals buy a dress shop?  ‘Midlife Crisis or Too Much Wine??’

Sue Mack

– ‘You need to continually challenge yourself, if you work hard, believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.  Nursing will always be my first love and I will never give that up, but change is always good. It’s important to enjoy what you do, the name ‘Shenanigans’ is very appropriate and we have enjoyed every moment, you should always surround yourself with friends who are fun, loyal, honest, positive and committed, and I have done that. Life is good!"

Suzanne Bilsborough – always community minded, with ‘the helipad finished, I was at a bit of a loss, when offered the opportunity to be part of the business, I jumped at it, something different, something for me. It has and will continue to be a huge learning curve, I have found the role as ‘girl Friday’ my real strength, but it won’t be long before I will be advising clients on the latest fashion trends’.

Betty Parsons – all the community know Betty as the Shorts and T-shirt girl – it’s worth coming into the shop to see Mrs Parsons in a skirt looking very professional.  ‘With my retirement looming, I decided a change, a challenge and more fun was what was needed, you are dead a long time – always do what makes you happy’.

Tricia Porter – ‘After 26 years in health, I was looking for a change’. Tricia has certainly unearthed a hidden talent of assisting clients within the Boutique.  Not surprising to many, as she has always provided wonderful, competent and empathetic nursing care to the clients of the hospital.

‘Customer service is the same whether you are in private business or working in the public system, everyone deserves the best that you have to offer’.

The girls will continue to work at the hospital and in their ‘spare time’ will be in the shop, ‘idle hands make for idle minds’!