Tigers Tame Gwydir League

July 11, 2013

On a beautiful sunny Saturday Gwydir League travelled to Tingha only to be defeated in the three grades contested. Tingha proved too tough running away with the points in a 36-22 defeat of Gwydir in First Grade, and bringing an end to their winning streak.

Ladies Tag saw Tingha defeat Gwydir 40 – 0. The Gwydir girls all played a great game, but the disciplined experience of Tingha and a great passing game from them saw the game slip away from the Gwydir Girls. Half time score was Tingha 24 Gwydir 0.

Tingha pulled off some nice set moves and were just too good on the day. Players Player was Danike Fields. Referees points went to Tingha players Tahlia Roberts (3) Mleeka Landsborough (2) and Simone Thompson (1).

The Reserve Grade game saw Sam Cooper for Gwydir cross the line after 4 minutess of play and unfortunately Rocky Hall missed the conversion after hitting the upright.

Eight minutes into the match Tingha’s Nick Butler crossed the line and again the conversion was unsuccessful locking the scores at 4 all. Some ordinary defence then saw Alan Woodley cross for Tingha with a score line of 10-4 to Tingha.

Sam Cooper through a strong barge over the line scored again for Gwydir and the conversion from Gwydir was unsuccessful 10-8 to Tingha. Tingha in the 27th minute again went over the line and the half time scoreboard read Tingha 16 Gwydir 8.

Second half after 4 minutes saw Tingha again cross the line for a 22-8 solid lead. After some sloppy handling and mistakes Gwydir, through Shaun Fletcher, took a good pass out wide to cross the line for Gwydir. Tingha then pushed the score out to 32-12 then Jason Hobday crossed for Gwydir with 10 minutes to go and Jay Fletcher crossed the line 3 minutes before full time leaving a final score of Tingha 32 Gwydir 22. Rocky Hall kicked 1 conversion for Gwydir. Player’s player went to Jack Faint. Referees points went to Andrew Blair – Tingha (3) Jack Faint – Gwydir (2) and Brayden McGrady – Gwydir (1). All players had good games, however at the end of the day Tingha was just too strong.

The First Grade fixture proved to be a tough encounter with Albert Connors from Tingha crossing the line after 2 minutes of play and after a successful conversion the score was 6-0.

Nathan McGrady from Gwydir then crossed the line for a try in the 5th minute and the conversion was unsuccessful, 6-4 to Tingha. Gwydir gave away a penalty in the 16th minute and Tingha pushed the lead to 8-4.

Tingha was attacking well and making ground on Gwydir, irrespective of some great tackles and ground made when in possession from Brendan Crichlow. Solid tackles by Gwydir saw turn over of possession in the 21st minute and a break away run from Gwydir looked promising but poor ball control and passing let the side down. Gwydir boys took some hard hits from the strong Tingha defence. With 14 minutes till half time a bad pass from Tingha saw Mitch Porter come up with the ball and with the help of a penalty to Gwydir, and the ball touched by Tingha, meant 6 to go. David McGrady went over the line to the right of the posts, giving Todd Simpson an easy conversion. Gwydir took the lead 10-8. Mitch Porter was tested with some high kicks from Tingha. Highball from Tingha saw Albert Connors cross the line leaving a half time score line of Tingha 12 – Gwydir 10.

An early try in the second half from Mitch Porter and conversion from Todd Simpson gave Gwydir the lead 16-12. But Tingha in attack was too strong for the boys to hold out and Tingha scored putting them 2 points ahead at 18-16.

With 12 minutes to go, Tyler Dennison from Gwydir crossed the line for a good try, but it was all a little too late. Tingha kicked two field goals in the final stages of play.

Mistakes from Gwydir and lack of ball played a strong factor in the final score Tingha 36 Gwydir 22. Players Player went to Brendan Crichlow and Referees points to Guy Mepham – Tingha (3) Brendan Crichlow – Gwydir (2) and Scott Fitzgerald – Tingha (1).

Gwydir League takes on the Moree Boomerangs next Saturday at Warialda. We have beaten the Boomerangs on their home ground so come on Gwydir, get behind our boys, come along and cheer them home on their home ground. Game faces needed by all. Go Gwydir League!!!