Time capsule to be buried this Remembrance Day

July 16, 2015

What will the world be like in 25 years? It’s a question that we don’t usually step back to consider in our busy lives and it could almost be guaranteed that 25 years from now we may not have necessarily have noticed how much things have changed.

Luckily, Robyn Ritchie alongside New England Community Mutual have come up with the idea of a time capsule.

The idea came alongside the importance of commemorating the 100th year of the ANZACs and Robyn, who was previously in the Navy thought it was only fitting to create a time capsule that would include items from the year 2015 in Bingara.

“I had thought of the idea as being ex-Navy and Community Mutual ‘s motto of “heart of the community” I thought it would be great to have a time capsule in memory of the 100th year of ANZACs commemoration,” said Robyn.

The plan is to bury the time capsule in the RSL Memorial Gardens on Remembrance Day in November.

“The Bingara Men’s Shed have generously donated their time to make the time capsule which is being made out of downpipe to ensure it stays waterproof.

“We encourage anyone to drop in to New England Community Mutual and donate items to include in the capsule.”

Already they have received items from the school including poems written by year 12 students, as well as other the donation of various other items from other individuals and organisations. Photos of present day Bingara including sporting teams, schools etc are encouraged as well as any other small items which you think would represent present day Bingara well. Who knows what 25 years will bring but it will be interesting to look back and see what we were all doing in 2015.

For more information drop in and see Chris or Robyn at Community Mutual.