Tom Groth continues cricketing success

February 1, 2011

Bingara local, Tom Groth was named Wicket keeper of the Series at the Australian Country Championships, held in Western Australia in the first two weeks of January this year.

Tom took eleven catches and achieved one stumping. “The Australian Country Championships is the highlight of the year for country cricketers,” Tom told The Advocate. “I was very pleased with our performance, to finish second overall.”

Tom was playing with the NSW Country team which played eight games, only losing one, to come second in the competition. All the States of Australia were represented in the championships, as well as a team from East Asia/Pacific, made up of players from Fiji, PNG and Vanuatu. Western Australia won the competition.

Continuing his success, Tom accepted the Country Cup trophy as Captain of the Tamworth team which won that competition on January 16, defeating Newcastle City. This is Tom’s second year Captaining the Tamworth team.

The Country Cup is played annually, involving 116 teams from all over NSW, except Sydney.  The final was played at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Tom, who started his cricketing career playing for Rocky Creek, in the Bingara Junior Cricket Association competition, will return to England in April to play for the season.

Tom first went to England in 2007 to play for Gravesend, which is in the south. This time, he is playing for Bollington in the Division 1 competition. Bollington is 40 miles south of Manchester, which is a very strong cricketing area.

Tom said that he is mainly playing in England for the experience, but it is also a cheap way to travel. The club is paying for Tom’s airfare and will find him employment “hopefully in a local sports shop,” Tom said.

Graduating in March this year with a Bachelor of Arts (Teaching), Tom said he is not sure what the future holds. He said he intends continuing to play for Tamworth, travelling down from the family property at Rocky Creek every weekend in the cricket season, a distance of 140kms round trip.