Tom Groth named NSW Country’s best cricketer

July 16, 2012

Former Bingara Central School student Tom Groth has been named the 2011-2012 NSW Country cricketer of the Year.

Tom, the Tamworth and South Tamworth skipper, began playing cricket when he learned to walk, and by the time he joined the Rocky Creek team in the Bingara Junior Cricket competition in Year 3, was a proficient wicket-keeper. Indeed, he clashed with Junior Cricket umpires who disallowed his stumping appeals. The officials relented, allowing eight year old Tom to stump the ‘bigger kids”.

He continued playing cricket at Farrer, and played in the NSW Under 17s in 2002/03. In 2005/06, Tom played with the Eastern Suburbs club in Sydney. He represented NSW Country in 2008/09 and again in 2011/12. Tom has also played for two seasons in England.

The NSW Country Cricketer of the Year award recognises Tom’s performances over the season for NSW Country, Central North and Tamworth, as well as his excellent service over many years. “Over many years, he’s performed like a champion,” Country Cricket program manager, Bruce Whitehouse, said. “He’s committed, and players love playing with him.” He will be presented with his award at the NSW Country cricket annual dinner in Tamworth on August 18.