Touriandi Lodge locks down for wellbeing of residents

April 16, 2020

After several weeks of increasingly restrictive distancing measures Touriandi Lodge is now in complete lockdown, ceasing all visiting hours. Bingara’s nursing home has made the difficult decision voluntarily, with the health of its residents at the forefront of the move.

Whilst the limitations that residence has had imposed have been unfamiliar, the co-operation of the community to now has been warmly received by staff.

“We’ve had very few people come through the front door and they’ve been tested for their temperature as they’ve come through. Our residents haven’t been going out at all,” said Touriandi Manager, Jennifer Brown. “It’s actually been better than I hoped it would be.

It’s been a change for the residents, but they are being well looked after and daily life hasn’t changed much at the lodge. “We have three lifestyle officers so there are all different things that we’re doing and we’re just doing more of it.”

“They can go out around our building and enjoy the garden and be outside, they are just not going out of the in the bus or on outings.”

“Our volunteers aren’t able to come in to do their part. We are sorely missing our volunteers, but we just have to wait it out like everybody else,” said Jennifer.