Touriandi resident celebrates 100th Birthday

April 24, 2015

As we remember the 100 year anniversary of our fallen ANZACs at Gallipoli, one person in particular who holds the year 1915 dear is Mrs Nan McDouall. It was a Thursday, April 15, 1915 – ten days before the ANZACs landed at Gallipoli, that Nancy May Capel (McDouall) daughter of Earnest Capel made her way into the world.

Nan McDouallMrs Nan McDouall celebrated her 100th Birthday at Bingara MPS with family and friends.

Beginning her life in the middle of world war one, Nan grew up in an incredibly trying era for Australia. World War I, the great depression and then another world war, it is fair to say that her childhood and early adulthood was extremely different and difficult compared to our modern way of life.

Miss Capel, became Mrs McDouall when she married her late husband Hastings Uchrid McDouall, son of William Edward McDouall on April 20, 1938. Two years later, November 12, 1940 in the midst of World War II, twins Richard and Pamela were born in Narrabri, followed by Donald, in May of 1946.

During this time, the family lived on a family owned property ‘Lowana,’ Upper Horton.

“I have had a pretty simple life,” Nan told the Advocate last week. “I haven’t really done much.”

We beg to differ. With three children, nine grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren Nan has spent her life caring and supporting her family but this is not all. Nan has won the hearts of the Bingara/Upper Horton community through her ability to put others first shown through her many years of community service including involvement in many community organisations and events.

Nan told the Advocate that all her life she has enjoyed art, including, drawing, painting and pottery. “I have really enjoyed being connected with art and craft,” said Nan “I was a potter for at least 40 years.”

When asked what her secret for making it to 100 was, Nan told the Advocate: “For people to be happy and content with their lives they need to get up early every day and always having something to do.”

Up until recent weeks, Nan has been living independently with the help of her family and HACC. “I would not be still here if it wasn’t for Bingara HACC,” she said.

“They have been wonderful and very caring and supportive. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful service in Bingara.”

Nan celebrated her birthday with family and friends at the Bingara MPS due to recently fracturing her hip. She was overwhelmed with the flowers and cards she received including one from the Queen.

“It was so lovely to have all my family here. My ambition has always been to make sure my family stays together and gets to know and care for one another.”

“Family is what keeps me going.” she said.

Happy Birthday Nan.