Touriandi residents get (more than) ‘A Little Help From Their Friends’

November 28, 2013

During the past six years in which Friends of Touriandi have functioned, they have been glad to support and enhance the comfort and day to day living of the residents of Touriandi.

Major catering events for the past year have included 20th Birthday Celebrations, two Landcare functions, several funerals, a Fashion Parade and a Street Stall. Catering for the CMCA Solo Dinner for 320 solo travellers in October cleared $3,236.

Medical items supplied to Touriandi included an Oxygen Concentrator, Blood Pressure Machine and a Urinalysis Machine to total value of $6506.35.

Gifts for pleasure and recreation included flowers and chocolates for new residents, a water feature for Willow Wing, Christmas gifts for residents, musical entertainment a new keyboard was recently donated by a family member, a rain gauge and a bingo set – totalling $1091.

Several monetary donations have also been gratefully received.

President, Brenda Pankhurst said at the meeting, “On April 12, 2014, together with Board and Staff we will hold a fete with all money raised from this event going towards a new vehicle for the safe transport of residents”.

This will be very special fundraiser and the group looks forward to the usual great community support which has always been forthcoming. Brenda thanked her team of workers for their continued effort, generosity and enthusiasm.

Election Of Officers

  • President – Brenda Pankhurst
  • Vice President – Fay Macartney
  • Secretary – Patti Steiger
  • Treasurer – Susanne Hughes

Publicity – Jan Rose