Trading Tree

July 22, 2011

Following is a letter from Catherine Egan which appeared in the Bingara Advocate.

Through your paper many people have been reading that we have set up an informal initiative Community Comfort. I have been approached by a resident who has had a great idea to set up a ‘Trading Tree’.  This is a ‘barter system’ which benefits Community Comfort. 

To explain; a person can donate his/her time/service or skills; they list this on the ‘Tree’.  In turn, another person ‘purchases’ that item but instead of paying the donor the money goes directly to Community Comfort.

For example, a community member loves cooking.  She offers to bake a working family morning teas for a week.  She puts her cooking on the Tree for, say $20.  A busy parent donates the $20 to the ‘Tree’ and he/she has beautiful homemade morning teas for the kids for the week.  A resident books the call out but instead of paying the tradesman the payment goes to the Tree.

This is a wonderful idea and one we would love people to take up.  If you have something to give or would like to ‘buy’ a service or item please let Carmen Southwell know at the Council.  She will coordinate the Trading Tree.  The ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ items will also be listed in your paper.

Recently we have shown Community Comfort to three more residents.  All have been gratefully received. 

We live in such a special place.   Thank you.