Tree planting at town’s southern entrance

May 5, 2009

The Upper Gwydir Landcare Association, assisted with the planting of a further fifty trees on All Nations Hill on Saturday March 21.

This planting is continuing the arrangement with The Rotary club of Chatswood Sunrise. Bingara was chosen by this club to embark on their new venture in 2008 as Willoughby City and Bingara have a sister city relationship.

We were fortunate to have a beautiful day to plant. The hard work was all done by the staff from Gwydir Shire Council. The area was beautifully prepared, slashed, holes dug, water lines laid and connected and the mulch delivered, the volunteers on the day planted and mulched the trees. How wonderful to receive the rain a few days later, the trees have had a terrific start.

All Nations Hill is a fifteen minute walk from the centre of town, well worth the fifteen minutes to enjoy the view. The southern entrance to Bingara has now become even more attractive.

Many thanks go to Gwydir Shire Council outside staff and the volunteers from the Upper Gwydir Landcare Association.