Twenty candidates in Gwydir Council election

August 25, 2008

A total of 20 candidates have nominated for the local government elections in Gwydir Shire on September 13.

Nominations for the poll closed at noon on Wednesday, and the Returning Officer, Greg Woods, conducted the draw for ballot positions at 2 pm, in the presence of a witness, Carmen Southwell, two candidates and another candidate’s scrutineer.

Retiring Councillors Mark Coulton, Doug Clark and John Wearne did not nominate for another term.

The six Councillors who are seeking another term are current Mayor, Peter Caskey, Catherine Egan, Clem Gordon, Peter Pankhurst, David Rose and Bob Tremain.

Others hoping for a place on Council include Bob Charlston, Ian Grieve, Rod King and Erik Ozols from Bingara; Phillips Morris from Gravesend; Angela Doering from Crooble; and David Conway, Craig Gilkison, Laureen Hall, Sharnie Kent, Claude Nichols, Vera Reardon, Garth Skinner and Laurie Smith of Warialda.

Claude Nichols and Bob Tremain are running on a group ticket, and have drawn first spot, Group A, on the ballot paper.

Vera Reardon and Clem Gordon have also opted to run as a group, and will be Group B on the paper.

In some other areas, some candidates will be representaing political parties, but in Gwydir candidates have either marked no affiliation, or have marked Independent.

The ungrouped candidates will appear onthe ballot paper in the following order:
Laurie Smith; Rod King (Ind.); Angela Doering; Laureen Hall; Bob Charlston (Ind.); Craig Gilkison; Philippa Morris; Catherine Egan; David Rose (Ind.); Erik Ozols; Peter Pankhurst; Peter Caskey; Garth Skinner; Sharnie Kent (Ind.); Ian Grieve; David Conway (Ind.).