June 7, 2011

With more than half the team unavailable for Sunday’s clash against Moree, six pairs of little Bingara legs took to the field to do the best for their team mates.

They did not dissapoint despite the 46-12 loss.  The boys persistantly tackled their hearts out and ran the ball with gusto. Their hard work at training paid off with improved off loading and big runs. 

Steven Todd, who scored a well deserved try, was superb in attack and defence.  Lincoln Barton showed great skill with good offloading and hard runs and was finally rewarded with a try.  Other try scorer Seth Keam, along with Tyler Greacen, again ran the ball well and tackled hard showing their younger team mates the way forward.  Sam Mahoney and Andrew McGarrity made huge runs but were pulled down just short of the try line.  Fantastic job this week boys.  You should all be very proud of yourselves.