Upper Horton Dog Trials the best yet!

June 18, 2009

The Upper Horton Dog Trials were rated as the best yet, with record entries in both Yard and Arena.  Competitors came from Southern Queensland and a wide area of New South Wales to compete in fine but cold weather.  [Click Here] to view slideshows of the event.

The Horton Valley Championship was won by Rob Hollis from Woolbrook and the Novice Yard to Richard Puddicombe from Barraba. Richard also won "Sal’s" Trophy for the most successful competitor in the Yard Section and the Vet’s Trophy for the highest local score.

John Rostern from Armidale won the Maiden and Ken Robinson from Quirindi won the Encouragement Award.

The Arena Trial is growing each year with 39 entries in the the Encourage Section which was won by David Bell from Inverell.

Harry Kelly from Wallabadah won the Maiden. Errol Brettschnieder from Grafton won the Arena Open for the second time with his dog Bart.

The Westdale Trophy went to Ann Leonard from Gulgong. This was for the highest combined score in Yard and Arena.

Dan Bougoure from Stanthorpe won the prize for the fastest time in the Arena Section and David Bell, the Yard Section.

The Dog High Jump was keenly contested with the dogs cheered on by a large crowd of children. This was won by Jim Marshall from Scone and his dog "Mick" with a jump of 7’4’’.

Jim Marshall (right) from Scone with his dog "Mick" who won the high jump section.
Jim is pictured being presented by Barry Madden.

There were eight dogs in the dog auction. Michael Bridge from Manilla sold his dog for $800.

Over 2000 sheep were supplied for the trial. These were kindly loaned by Bill and Thelma Kelly. These mountain wethers really tested the dogs.

The raffle was won by Steph Smith.

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