VISION 20/20 Ready to Regenerate in Bingara

April 21, 2008

As if taking a cue from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Bingara and District VISION 20/20 will conduct a regional forum on energy options for rural communities in July. It will be called the Regenerated Energy for Rural Communities Forum.

In fact Bingara’s forum has been in the planning for several months. With support of the NSW Department of State and Regional Development, Bingara and District VISION 20/20 and Gwydir Shire Council will jointly host the forum at the Roxy Theatre, Bingara, on July 17 and 18.

“One of the key elements of OUR Vision has been the consideration of energy systems that will allow our community to be self sufficient in energy by year 2020.” said President, Garry McDouall. He added: “Bingara and District VISION 20/20 has been in existence since 2005. We have as OUR bold objectives, self sufficiency in water, food, energy and employment by 2020.”

The federal member for New England, Tony Windsor, was one of the one thousand delegates who attended Kevin Rudd’s Vision 2020 Forum. Tony Windsor is reported as saying that the Canberra forum lacked policies and directions to see progress in climate change, water and energy issues.

Bingara and District VISION 20/20 see the Regenerated Energy for Rural Communities Forum as an opportunity to evaluate the scope for a grass roots policy on energy.

Invited presenters will include key people from government, science, technology, and delivery systems arenas.

 “Our target audience will be people from across our region who believe that we can make a difference at a local level on big picture issues like energy.” said VISION 20/20 Secretary, Rick Hutton.

“Issues such as energy sources, energy costs, and delivery systems will be considered. We see Bingara as being of an ideal size and in an ideal location to develop and trial a feasibility study on energy. If our community can make an impact on this issue, we may be able to deal with global warming and the spiraling costs of energy, locally, and set an example for other communities.”

Click here  for further information and to access the full program for the Regenerated Energy for Rural Communities Forum.