Vision 20/20 seek to make Bingara a “transition town”

February 2, 2010

Bingara and District Vision 20/20 is seeking support from the community and the Gwydir Shire Council to have Bingara one of the first towns in NSW to engage in the “transition town program”.

Transition towns is a program that began in the United Kingdom. It is a program which seeks to engage the local community in considering future developments and projects that will maintain growth, vitality and sustainability.

The Program begins with a public meeting to define the parameters and identify the interested parties. Next there are surveys of the community members, registers of existing businesses and services, and a manifest of all attributes that currently exist within the town and district.

Further meetings lead towards a report being made and then a strategic plan is determined. Finally the community meets again to consider the plan and, hopefully endorse and activate it.

It is similar in some ways to the Vision Document that Vision 20/20 produced in its first year of existence following the amalgamation to form Gwydir Shire.
That process involved a community survey and resulted in the publication of the Regeneration document.

On February 24 and 25, V2020 and GSC will co-host the “Our Place – Country Town Living 2025” Forum at the Roxy Theatre and Bingara RSL Club. The hosting organizations are considering linking that Forum into the “transition towns” program making it a preliminary step in the process.

Pieter Verasdonck  is the Community Economic Development Manager – Enterprise, Small Business and Regional Development Unit  with the Department of Industry and  Investment in NSW. He is keen to see the transition town process adopted in Bingara having been impressed by the Regenerative Energy Forum that he was involved with in Bingara in July 2008.

When approached for his involvement in the “Our Place” Forum Pieter explained that by having it precede the transition towns program his Department will financially support it. “This way you can take the entire cost of the Forum as your local contribution, and we can fund you up to $15,000,” he said.

Click Here for further information and to make your booking for the “Our Place” Forum. Any community members, business owners or organizations that would like to contribute to the process should contact any of the Vision 20/20 Executive or GM Max Eastcott at GSC.