Vision 2020: Where to from here?

January 29, 2014

The Annual General Meeting of Bingara and District Vision 2020 will take place on Thursday 6th February. The meeting will commence at 6pm at the Bingara Sporting Club, and a finger food supper will be provided after the meeting.

Guest speaker will be Bingara IGA & Hardware owner/manager John Bishton, and his topic will be “The Barraba Experience – what amalgamation has meant for the Barraba community”. This presentation is highly relevant to all residents of Gwydir Shire. 

Three current members of the executive of Vision 2020 will not be standing for reelectionthis year. This includes outgoing President, Garry McDouall. Garry will expand on his reasons in his President’s report. There is the opportunity, and indeed the desire for substantial generational change in Vision 2020 so the invitation to the meeting is broad and general.

The need for a progress association for Bingara & District is now greater than it was back in 2005 when the Vision 2020 organization was formed” said Garry McDouall. “Despite a great deal having been achieved in those years (with the result that Bingara is perceived as a vibrant town), the challenges we now face are very real. These include difficult economic times for our rural industry base (which reflects in difficulties for many town businesses), and the threat of further Council amalgamation” he said. 

“We need to be a community that is proactive in facing these challenges,” Garry McDouall said. “We need to be a community which looks forward rather than backwards, a community which is vibrant and engaged”.

“Vision 2020 has a proud track record, is in a very sound financial position, and has a broad membership base. This provides a wonderful opportunity from which to build,” he added and said, “I have much pleasure in inviting all members of our community to attend our annual general meeting on February 6”.

Submitted by Rick Hutton – Publicity Officer, Bingara & District Vision 2020

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