Vision for the Living Classroom

March 21, 2012

Living Classroom Management Plan

living-classroom-logoVision for The Living Classroom

The Living Classroom is an ecological "wonderland", a research centre and showcase for the future of agriculture and for city and country living, an inspiration for regional, national & international visitors, a centre for education and for experimentation for all generations, and for all levels of learning.

The Living Classroom recognizes that we are entering a period of extraordinary change. It seeks to chart a positive journey through that change, focusing on the opportunities which change will create.

The project will turn 150 ha of degraded town Common into a highly productive "food forest – combining a wide range of agricultural activities with horticulture, aquaculture and forestry. It works with the synergies between these activities. Its focus is on food quality, and the connection between soil health, plant and animal health and human health.

The Living Classroom is located at the geographic centre of the Regional Development Australia Northern Inland area. This is arguably the most productive agricultural area in Australia, and 184,000 people live within a two hour drive. The township of Bingara is utilizing "The Living Classroom" to become a "close loop" community – self sufficient in food, and recycling all compostable waste (including treated sewage) back to the site.

The Living Classroom integrates the community’s Vision for the future of the town and Shire. It provides the glue for a four dimensional strategy– based on agriculture, education, tourism and regional conferencing. It builds on existing alliances to cement city to country connections, and introduces and educates children and their parents to the wonder of food.

The project demonstrates the power of Partnerships – between the local and experiential communities, with educational and research institutions, industry, and all levels of government.

Our Vision for the Living Classroom lies in the journey – in the process of earning and of stimulation. The journey will be continuous, as the project will constantly evolve to anticipate a changing world.