Visitor Information Centres Maintain Accreditation

August 14, 2021

Bingara Visitor Information Centre can proudly announce it has been successful in retaining its accreditation after a recent Desktop Review.

Jenny Mead

Accreditation sets the benchmark of industry standards for Australian Visitor Information Centres in the execution of their services and strives to continually improve and innovate in the delivery of visitor information services for domestic and international consumers travelling throughout NSW.

Some of the criteria which are required to be met include:

• Operational protocols and procedure
• Observe Code of Conduct
• Enquiry handling
• Maintain services offered
• Merchandise sales
• Maintaining hours of operation (opening hours)
• Industry engagement
• Recording Visitation statistics
• Monthly reporting of visitation statistics

The Centre plays an important role in co-ordinating the travel of thousands of travellers through the state and region each year. Whilst COVID-19 has slowed travel considerably, the VIC’s in the Shire are set to capitalize on visitors who may be coming to the region for the first time as a result of wider border restrictions.

Jenny Mead (pictured) has been congratulated by NSW Accredited Visitor Information Centres Program Manager, Mark Greaves on achieving the standards required for accreditation. Warialda VIC is currrently undergoing the same assessment process.