Walsh family tries life on the farm

June 3, 2012

My name is Loreena Walsh. I, my husband Matt and our children Jackson (9), Amahli (7) and Byron (5) travelled from Wauchope, NSW on Sunday to spend a day at Keera with the Munro Family.

Although we live in a regional area, our children don’t get to see the day to day running of farms, so there was lots of anticipation and excitement leading up to the day.

Heading off before sunrise we arrived at the Booroomooka Angus Stud mid-morning to be greeted by Sinclair & Joanna and their gorgeous children Arabella (8), Digby (6) and Barnaby (3).

Being our eldest son Jackson’s 9th birthday made this an extra special experience and a little extra fun for the kids who shared party bags and birthday cake!

Munro and Walsh families
Back Row: Sinclair and Jo Munro, Matt and Loreena Walsh
Front: Arabella Munro, Barnaby Munro, Amahli Walsh, Byron Walsh,
Jackson Walsh and Digby Munro.

The day consisted of lots of fun and information. We really enjoyed seeing the heifers being mustered by Pete on horseback.

Seeing Sinclair weighing, tagging and recording details for a cute newborn calf was a new experience for all of us, along with the eldest kids getting to go for a ride in the tractor with Chris to take part in the experience of sowing oats.

Horse riding was well up on the list of favourite activities for the day!

It was great to gain insight into the timeline of cattle farming, from seeing a newly born calf to the very exciting preparations that are taking place at Keera for the Annual Bull Sale which we hope to return for on August 17 to see the full cycle of running a stud farm.

We are extremely appreciative to the Munro family for welcoming us into their home and onto their farm. We hope to be able to share our story and encourage other families to learn more about agriculture and what an inspiring industry it is, and would encourage others to join in for farmday 2013 (www.farmday.com.au).

(by Loreena Walsh, Farm Day participant)