Warialda Garden Club visits Bngara

April 24, 2013

On Friday April 19, thirty members of the Warialda Garden Club made a visit to Bingara. Their purpose was to inspect the “edible garden” at The River House, and The Living Classroom environmental centre.

At The River House they were able to see, taste and sample some of the 200 edible varieties of plants that Linda McDouall has planted at the facility that she, and husband Garry, have developed as an accommodation venue. Their plan is for The River House to eventually become their retirement home.

The Garden Club members were surprised by the range and variety of plants, especially given that all were planted within the past 15 months. Staples like pumpkins, tomatoes, melons and sweet potatoes contrasted with rarer varieties like rosella plants, finger limes, persimmons, arrowroot and guavas.

The group then made the five minute drive to The Living Classroom, which is being developed as an educational, tourist and regenerative agriculture centre. The group understood how the achievements made at The River House will soon occur at The Living Classroom.

Bingara local Rick Hutton conducted the tours. Rick is a member of The Living Classroom Steering Committee. He is also a teacher in the public education system and a teacher of Permaculture.

“Permaculture is an approach to land management and design that proposes care of the earth, care of people and sharing abundance, as its tenets.” Rick explained.

Rick linked his Permaculture work, with the processes observed at The River House and The Living Classroom, in his presentation to the Warialda Garden Club members.

“Local food with an emphasis on lower costs but with greater freshness and nutritional value is a focus of both projects,” he explained.

Warialda Garden Club at The River House
Warialda Garden Club at The River House’s Food Forest Garden.

Rick will be conducting an Introduction to Permaculture course through Bingara Community College at The Living Classroom on May 4 & 5. Interested participants can contact Sue Craig at Bingara Community College or Rick directly on 0428 25580.