Welcome to 2012

January 3, 2012

Happy New Year to you and yours from Beautiful Bingara.

What a magnificent season we are experiencing at present, I can’t think of a time when things were any more perfect.  Beautiful weather; cool mornings, warm days and cool night, ideallyic really.

With the wonderful rain Bingara has received over the last few months the season for farmers is continuing to look bright creating a positive feel in the community, and the river and Copeton dam, well they are incredible!

At over 90% it’s hard to believe that only 18months ago Copeton was only 6%.  We thought we would never have rain again.  But you should see it now in all its glory, you half expect to see a ship sail by as you cross the dam wall.  It is afterall almost three times the size of Sydney Harbour.

If you have ever thought about coming to Bingara or perhaps you have thought of passing through on your way to Sydney or Brisbane, now is the time to do it, you won’t see it anymore beautiful.

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