What does living a truly magnificent life mean to you?

August 11, 2014

We all want more out of life; more joy, more fulfilment, more love, more energy, more passion, more meaning, more laughter, more adventure, more certainty and connection.

The Upper Gwydir Landcare Association (UGLA) is pleased to present a workshop at Ceramic Break Sculpture Park, Warialda, on how you can learn, grow and live a life that is fulfilling, fun and has purpose.

Wild,Wild Wacky, WonderfulClick on the image to enlarge.

On Thursday August 21 at 9:30am, join a community of likeminded Wild, Wacky and Wonderful Women who are looking to make some long overdue changes.

Women who are ready to kick off their shoes, throw their arms in the air, run around screaming at the top of their lungs to celebrate their own unique brilliance… a group of women who are ready to live life, strive and achieve, and encourage each other in the process.

The workshop is just one of the inspiring events presented by UGLA as part of its ‘Gwydir Women of Mettle: Forging Leaders 2014’ project. The project aims to equip women with the skills they require to adapt to change and embrace life’s greatest challenges.

If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation, more confidence, clarity and certainty in the direction that you want to take your life, or looking to make some long overdue changes, maybe to put yourself first and give yourself some much needed self care… this is the workshop for you.

We all have challenges in life and sometimes they can be small and sometimes they can seem enormous.

But when we’re at a crossroads we all have to make a decision.  Your past, present and future is shaped by your beliefs, your values, your needs and your emotional habits and these invisible forces determine how you live your life. The good news is these habits can be changed, they’re not set in concrete.

You can discover how to become more resourceful, more certain and more joyful than you had ever imagined possible.

Dr Natalie Shepard and Sandra Martin are both influential communication and behavioural specialists who specialize in bringing out the very best in all women. With backgrounds in psychotherapy and behavioural therapy, Natalie and Sandra provide life lessons in how simple changes in shifts in thinking and outlook can have a profound impact on our lives.

So the questions is – Are you ready to close the gap between where you are now and where you ultimately want to be? Sometimes a simple shift in direction can shift your destiny… forever. Give yourself the gift of self-care and true potential, creating an extraordinary life for yourself and for those around you.

Redesign your habits. Create unwavering passion. Unlock your Magnificent Life.

Don’t miss out on this life changing event.

The UGLA ‘Gwydir Women of Mettle: Forging Leaders 2014’ project celebrates the formidable strength and resilience of women. The project has been generously funded by the Australian Government initiative Caring For Our Country.

Book ONline NOW!Tickets to the workshop are $15 and includes catering. Bookings can be made online or by tel: 67 242 052. Further information at www.ugla.com.au