What our visitors say

June 24, 2011

"Your great town and friendly people.

Hi all you great people at Bingara. My name is Col and my wife’s name is Pat we have been coming up to your lovely place for the past six or seven years and staying down on the river or sometimes in the caravan park.

On our last visit in May this year I met Greg and John who along with the council and others are putting a men’s shed together. Although I am a visitor I would have liked to have called in and had a yarn to all the blokes there!

And I will next year at the new shed.I have been calling in at different sheds as we travel about Australia.There are a couple of sheds down here on the Central coast were we live, with retired builders, plumbers, electricians, shiprights, toolmakers, boilermakers, and even a couple of painters and dockers,we even had a retired bank manger but everyone kept asking him for money and he left!Ha.

It’s a great way to seek male companionship and to find out what’s happening to swap some yarns and ideas over a cuppa. What I have noticed, is that as we travelled about, there are a lot of men travelling and living on their own, I am sure they would take the time to call in and say good day to all in the shed and have a cuppa.

handmade wooden truck(Above) is a model 1937 Seagrave fireengine, it is made from small pieces of wood that I have picked around Bingara over the years its about 80cm long and each small piece of wood has a memory of a great time there over the years.

In closing off I think you make the best pies ever and even the water tastes great now."

And may your God bless you all.
Col and Pat

Thank you for your lovely words.
– Bingara