Where are you Professor Henry Higgins?

July 30, 2013

After two weeks of auditions the North West Theatre Company is just one player short of a fantastic cast for their November production of George Bernard Shaw’s classic play, PYGMALION.

“All of the cast can be filled by the wonderfully talented actors I have seen at the auditions thus far,” said Director, Rick Hutton. “The ladies are fantastic, but we are short one strong male actor,” he added.

“The NWTC has always focused on providing productions of professional quality, so it is essential that our key players can give the strength of performance to support the rest of the cast,” he said.

The NWTC Executive has decided to take one more week in their search for a Professor Henry Higgins or an Alfred Doolittle before making their final commitment to the show. “If we can’t find our actor, we will postpone PYGMALION and possibly pursue another play better suiting the players we have,” Rick concluded.

Anyone interested in being involved with the NWTC can contact President John Wearne on 0418 419 684 or Rick Hutton on 0428 255 380.

Submitted by Rick Hutton – Publicity Officer.