Where will Agriculture fit in “Our Place”?

January 31, 2010

The “Our Place” – country town living 2025 Forum in Bingara on February 24-25 promises to challenge communities and individuals in rural Australia.

Co-hosted by Gwydir Shire Council and Bingara & District VISION 20/20, the “Our Place” Forum will feature an interactive Workshop on the second day where all attendees will be invited to actively participate.

The venue for the Workshop will be the Bingara RSL Club where the Auditorium will be set out like a giant wheel. Around the perimeter of the “wheel” will be EIGHT tables, each one representing a key element that will impact on the future of “Our Place”.

“Education”, “Health”, “Transport” are some of the well known and established concepts with clear definition of what they are about. However the organizing committee struggled to find the “right table” for “Agriculture”.  Where does Agriculture best fit?

Some saw it as being part of Investment & Industry. It is a response to our inputs of capital and labour and produces salable products. Much of rural Australia depends on Agriculture for its living and many country towns have grown as service centres for Agriculture.

Another view was that Agriculture fits best with Environment and Regeneration. It was argued that Agriculture can only survive by leading the way in managing the environment. A healthy agricultural sector will continue to produce without diminishing the land and as a consequence it will maintain the economy and the environment of country towns.

The decision was taken to include Agriculture twice on the “Our Place” wheel and invite those who attend to determine its role during the interactive Workshop.

Bookings for the “Our Place” Forum are available now through the Bingara Tourist Information Centre on 6724 0066 or email bingaratourism@gwydir.nsw.gov.au or click here to access online booking form.

It is a regional forum with an impressive list of presenters, contributors and sponsors. It is recommended that all citizens who are concerned for the future of country towns should attend. Click Here for further information.

Submitted by Rick Hutton
Secretary, Bingara and District VISION 20/20.
Ph: 0428 255380.