Why ‘Blithe Spirit’? (or why you should come out to play!)

April 29, 2016

Less than two hours after the thing begins, it is over. You may have to drive some distance to see it. You sit through it all, and although you are not discouraged from giggling or laughing, all of the moving and the talking are done by others. You sit through it all, in the semi darkness, and you pay $20 or more for the privilege. The “thing” is called a play, and plays and playing have been features of every culture for thousands of years.

Plays can be ‘make believe’, or ‘history’, ‘comedy’ or ‘mystery’ and they can challenge our beliefs, make us ponder, or wonder, or love or even hate. They can ask ‘who dunnit?’ or who’s doing it?, or who might do it?

They can add song and dance, involve all age groups, and even throw in a performing animal or two, to share in the pleasure of participating in a performance that leaves the audience happy or sad, but either way, satisfied.

Those of us who put on plays, do so partly for the joy of entertaining, and partly because we are crazy. It is a great accomplishment, involving imagination, teamwork and much time and effort.

‘Blithe Spirit’ is a play by the English playwright Noel Coward. It is considered to be one of the great English plays even though the story is an absurd one. Wealthy writer Charles Condomine wants to write a book about a murderous medium, so he invites kooky clairvoyant Madame Arcati to share dinner with his wife and friends and to conduct a séance.

During the séance, the ghostly spirit of Charles’ first wife, Elvira, appears to him and makes his life miserable. His present wife, Ruth can’t see or hear Elvira, but acknowledges that the ghost is there and does her best to get rid of it. All perfectly believable isn’t it?

The story is fundamentally a figment of your imagination. It teaches no lessons, challenges no reason, condemns no villain, and yet it is seriously, farcically funny.

The North West Theatre Company is presenting ‘Blithe Spirit’ at the Roxy Theatre this May.

Opening Night, Saturday May 7, is a special “Black & White” Theme. Dinner suit, little black dress or white singlet, black shorts and thongs (must be black or white), the choice is yours. Sunday May 8 has a Mother’s Day Matinee with some lovely flowers and chocolates. Friday May 13, is our Freaky Friday Show, so come in your ectoplasmic best.

Saturday May 14 and Sunday May 15 are both matinees to make it easy for even distant theatre lovers to make it to the Roxy and be home before dark, less the boogie man gets them.

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